All kinds of materials:

  • Clay
  • Exploded rocks
  • Rocks and stones

All kinds of environments

Dredging carried out by dredging pumps, pipelines and drag heads that make it possible to execute suction work stopped or moving and with offloading systems with lines of pipes or with the rainbow technique.

We carry out the dredging in the foundation bedding layer, as well as the discharge of rock fill in that bedding layer.

We make even or level the ground to place the caissons that will make up the quay.

We give support in caissons’ transportation and anchoring.

The filling of the caissons’ cells is made with a digger or crane or by impulsion.

We put the stones, gravel and rock fill necessary for the later filling of esplanades.

We protect the caissons quay by putting breakwaters, tetrapods, etc.

In Canlemar we collaborate with the main companies in charge of port, maritime and river spaces regeneration by cleaning them for their later treatment in specialized plants.

We carry out the transportation of all kinds of materials being able to adapt our vessels for that purpose.

We collaborate with the dredging of the ditches and give support in the transportation and placing the pipes of the marine outfalls and the other anchorage, connection and support elements.

We have special equipment to adapt to the characteristics and materials of each project.

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